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Creating a beautiful flower arrangement should be easy. Follow these simple steps to style your florals to timeless perfection.

  1. Start with your largest flowers at the centre as the focal point of your arrangement.

  2. Layer various smaller flowers around your focal florals in a circle.

  3. Add elements of foliage around the outside of the bouquet. 

  4. Create dimension by varying the heights of your stems. 

  5. Secure your bouquet with twine or ribbon to add a soft rustic feel. 

  6. Trim any uneven stems at the bottom. 

  7. Choose a vase in a neutral colour palette to avoid it clashing with your florals. Whites, beiges and greys all work great! 

  8. Capture your stunning dried bouquet and tag us on instagram using #posiepost. We’d love to see your creations!

Top tip: You can also separate your stems to create multiple mini bunches. Simply stick them into bud vases and watch them brighten up various corners of your home.


You don't need a green thumb to preserve your posies. Here's our fuss-free care guide. 

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