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The 3 New Bouquets You Need

We're back and we're better! With the new season upon us, we thought it was about time we added some new stock to our site. Here's the rundown on all the gorgeous newness you can find on our site.

Let us know your favourite addition in the comments below!


1. Florence Dried Bouquet

Florence is a celebration of all things pink. Pretty in pink, this gorgeous creation is made of whimsical wheat grass, lavender, bearded wheat, natural bunny tails, roses, helichrysum and chrysanthemums. The elegant colouts and varying textures of this dried floral arrangement give it a natural, freshly picked appearance perfect for all occasions and spaces.

Shop here.

2. Dried Lavender Bouquet

One of the world's most popular flowers and loved for it's fantastic, relaxing scent and healing properties. These beautifully scented lavender bunches are perfect to just pop into vase on your kitchen table or on your bedside table to have as the first and last sight every day. 100% natural and eco-friendly, these are the perfect addition to your home.

Shop here.

3. Dried Eucalyptus Arrangement

Celebrate the wild with our stunning arrangement of dried eucalyptus. A natural beauty, it is an on-trend decor piece that creates an impact. Lush and full greenery brings the outside in perfectly with this bunch. This arrangement would elevate any exisiting bouquets, or equally create an impact on its own.

Shop here.

As always, all bouquets listed here are sent with free UK shipping and one tree is planted per order. Which one will you be adding to your basket?

You can find videos of all our gorgeous new bouquets and more over on Instagram and TikTok @postfullofposies

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