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HOW TO: Style Your Posies In Your Home

You’ve bought your posies and now you’re wondering where to put them. We’ve been there too. Here are some of our favourite places around the house to feature our gorgeous florals.

  1. Nightstand

Make the first thing you see every morning something beautiful by placing your bouquet by your bed.

2. Hallway

Every time you step foot through your door, prepare to be greeted by a lovely sight.

3. Dining Room

Brighten your dining space with your favourite bouquet and watch your space come to life.

4. Shelf

Perfect your shelfie and get that Instagram look down. This is also ideal for those with curious pets or small children who could get their hands on your delicate bouquets.

5. Dressing Table

There’s nothing more elegant than a pretty bouquet sitting on a beautiful vanity set up. We’re obsessed.

6. Home Office

Keeping flowers in your office space have been scientifically proven to improve your focus and motivation. Need we say more?


  • Do not use water on dried flowers as this will destroy the stems.

  • Keep your dried posies out of direct sunlight. Too much sun exposure will damage the delicate stems.

  • Humid environments can cause your posies to grow mould. Keep your flowers in a well ventilated room.

  • Do not move your bouquet around too much to prevent excess shedding.

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