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"We launched Post Full of Posies with one goal in mind: providing a unique and sustainable gifting alternative to fresh flowers. Born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, my sister Sumayyah and I embarked upon a passion project with gorgeous flowers at the centre of it all. We hope you’ll stick around for the journey ahead!"

Safiyyah Lane, Co-Founder

Here at Post Full of Posies we provide gorgeous letterbox dried flower arrangements. 

Our sustainable dried florals guarantee happiness for years to come. Dried flower arrangements are a perfectly gorgeous addition to any room and complement all decor styles. Give the gift of long-lasting beautiful blooms today.


Hi, I’m Sumayyah. I’m a Teacher, avid reader and a plant mum. As an allergy sufferer since a young age, I have always appreciated the beauty of dried bouquets as both a pollen-free and sustainable alternative to buying fresh flowers.  


safiyyah florence lane, 20

Hi, I’m Safiyyah. After deciding to postpone my studies for a year, I wanted to challenge myself to start a business venture as a way of keeping busy. Despite now living in different cities, Sumayyah and I thought this the perfect opportunity to try our hands at something new.


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